Victoria, British Columbia 2017: Days 6-7

Day 6: Whale Watching

Walk downtown for a few minutes and will see that Victoria is serious its whales. 🙂

On this day we had an early whale watching appointment, so off to Crust Bakery for donuts!

Last year, the highlight of our Victoria was whale watching with SpringTide.  So, we knew we going on another whale watching adventure was a must do.

Here we are suited up and ready to head out on our Zodiac boat.

Here we go, picking up speed! I love the look on Ethan’s face.


And we found orcas!  A pod of 20-30 swimming around us.  It is so amazing and peaceful to watch them. I could stay out there all. day. long.

How amazing are these beautiful whales?

Last year we spotted humpback whales, and didn’t spot any orcas.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed, but this year was like whale-a-palooza.

Here we are last year getting ready to head out!

Humpback whales, so cool!  They are just massive!  I couldn’t manage to get a good pic of one breeching, but it was amazing nonetheless.

We came off the boat hungry!  Our captain recommended a popular restaurant on the dock, Red Fish Blue Fish. Naturally we grabbed Ethan a pizza and headed down to the dock! 🙂 He’s not much for fish and chips.

Red Fish Blue Fish is literally this tiny little restaurant on the dock.

But, and the line is no joke!

It was worth the wait!  I had the fish and chips.  Look at those halibut steaks…yum!

Day 7: Parliment Building & BC Museum

We headed over to Willie’s Cafe and Bakery for breakfast and coffee.

We loved Willie’s!  They had a classic breakfast with THE BEST breakfast potatoes!  We ate here twice while in Victoria, and would go back if I am ever in Victoria again!

The weather was cloudy and raining on and off, so we decided to hit a few indoor activities.

First off The British Columbia Parliament Building.

He just loves having his picture taken! 😉

It is so beautiful at night!

Next stop, Royal British Columbia Museum

Victoria has an amazing museum.  It is full of interesting exhibits that you can get lost looking at.  The First Nations exhibitions were so interesting to me.  In fifth grade we teach a lot about the first people on North America and this exhibit was full of interesting information and beautiful collections of art, clothing, and totems from British Columbia’s first people.  So cool!

The Terry Fox was a unanimous favorite for us.  This man led an extraordinary life.  The exhibit is engaging and beautifully tells his life story.  I had never heard of Terry Fox before, and left in awe and inspired by his perseverance and never give up spirit.  This exhibit was so special, and led itself to great conservation too!

And…a Woolly Mammoth in the Natural History exhibit!

Time for a little snack! Ethan found this chocolate shop!


Delicious, gooey cookie!

We made the trek back to our Airbnb and got ready for a little dinner.  There was a great brewery right across the street from our place, so off we went.

Canoe Brewpub

I ordered these lettuce wraps with a Southern Belle drink, yummy.

Another great couple of days in Victoria!  We love it here!

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