Victoria British Columbia 2017: Days 4-5

Day 4: Downtown Victoria

Well, hello there Victoria!  We have been waiting to return to you!  Yay!  We. have. arrived!

Last year we made a quick trip to Victoria via Seattle, and knew when we left we would be back!  We arrived in the afternoon and were ready to check into our first ever Airbnb.  We decided to try Airbnb because it seemed to be so affordable.  We contemplated for a long time, and then finally decided on a small condo in the historic downtown area, just down from Chinatown.  The condo fit the three of us pretty good, but it was a little tight.  What it lacked in space it made up for in location.  It was  walking distance to all most everything and if it was late, or we tired from walking there was a water taxi stop right out the dock a few steps away!

The Airbnb condo we rented is in the background here. We were on the third floor toward the back of the building, no waterfront view for us! 🙂

Convenient water taxi stop.  The Victoria Water Harbour Ferry water taxis make 13 stops in the inner harbour.  There is no set schedule, just head to a stop, give them a call and they will pick you up and take you where you want to go.  It is a bit expensive (I thought), but sometimes the convenience outweighed the price! We bought the 10 hop package and even earned a free ride after our seventh ride with our Hop Rewards Card.  Every captain we had was fun and engaging to visit with.  They all knew the area well and had great personalities, this made the water taxi even more enjoyable for us!

How cute are these H2O taxis?

After we settled in, it was time to EAT!  We ended up on the patio at The Local.  Eli & I shared the nachos.  Deeeelicious. If you go, you have to try the nachos!

We wanted a little something to do in the evening so we went on a Ghostly Walk.  This was a 90 minute walking tour.  They have different tours every night from May 1 to October 31.  We had a wonderful guide with a gift for storytelling.  She told various ghostly stories about The Fairmont Empress, Sir James Douglas, Emily Carr, and more.

Here’s our animated tour guide telling us about a maid who is said to be seen cleaning or walking outside every now and then at The Empress.

Day 5: Downtown Victoria 

We started the morning off right at the popular, and highly rated Jam Cafe, an all-day breakfast and lunch restaurant located in Old Town Victoria.  The cafe is so popular that many times there is a line of hungry patrons waiting just outside. 

Here we are waiting, in the rain!

Love the decor in this small, locally owned cafe!

I think breakfast is probably Ethan’s favorite meal of the day!  And, if he can have a triple stack of cinnamon cream cheese swirl pancakes even better!

I ordered my favorite breakfast meal too, classic eggs benedict!

We enjoyed our breakfast and would recommend eating a Jam Cafe if you are ever in Victoria.

After breakfast we enjoy exploring Victoria.  We walked and walked and stopped when we wanted.  It was a lovely afternoon.  The weather was cool and cloudy, perfect for meandering through town.

First stop Chinatown

Check out this neat little Chinese Public School that is now used for Chinese language classes.

This is the famous Fan Tan Alley, the narrowest street in Canada.

We stopped and had a delicious scoop of made from scratch Kid Sister ice cream!


Here is Chinatown at night!

We sat along the Inner Harbour and just took in the beauty of Victoria.  I love watching the planes coming in and taking off in this busy harbour.

It was time for a little treat!  We found Crust Bakery on our last visit, and could not wait to get there!


I mean seriously, look at those pastries!  Yummy!

This cranberry-orange creme brule was my absolute FAVORITE!

Next door was the most amazing book store, Russell Books.


I mean, come on!  I could have spent hours in here, but the guys weren’t feeling the same way!

We found this outdoor store and Eli was in heaven. MEC, Mountain Equipment Co-op.

We were all a little spent and ready for an afternoon nap so we headed back to the Airbnb.  Hey, we’re on vacation, naps are legal!

We just loved taking the water taxi!  How cute are they on the inside?

Whew, what a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Victoria British Columbia 2017: Days 4-5

  1. The food looks amazing! We are hoping to go to New Orleans in the next year or two, and a ghost tour is definitely on my list! I’ve been interested in doing an Airbnb, but I was wondering if you felt like it was inconvenient to not have towels, turn down service, etc.?

  2. Honestly, we really didn’t miss the hotel amenities. We loved having a washer and dryer so we could do laundry and a kitchen for a few quick meals. I would do Airbnb again for a family trip, but if it would have been just my husband and I on a couples trip, I think I would have missed those services.

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