Victoria, British Columbia 2017: Days 1-3

Coeur d’ Alene ~ Olympia ~ Victoria, BC 

Day One: Hitting the Road

The car is packed and we are ready to venture out on the 12 + hour road trip to Olympia, WA.

Ethan assumes his position in the car before we are even out of the city limits!

Our first REAL stop was for lunch! We made a quick lunch stop in Coeur d’Alene on our way through.  We have driven through this beautiful Idaho town many times, but never really spent any time there.  I’m adding it to the travel wish list.  Maybe some day?!?  As we approached Coeur d’Alene, Eli said he wanted a good burger for lunch.  I found Crafted on Yelp.  They had great burger reviews…and did not disappoint.  I wish I would have snapped a pic.  I’m telling you – delicious burgers.  The #42 was our favorite!

Turtle races? I think yes!  Wish we would have been here on a Friday!

We arrived at Eli’s Aunt’s home in Olympia, WA around 9:00 pm.  Her husband had prepared a light dinner, so we ate, enjoyed catching up and went to bed!

Day Two: Olympia, WA

We only had one day to spend in Olympia.  It is such a beautiful area, I wish we could have explored a little more. Our first stop was the Washington State Capitol Campus and a look inside the Legislative Building.  They offer tours hourly from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  We didn’t take a guided tour, but enjoyed walking through on on own, and really enjoyed this beautiful building.

This is the view from the second floor of the rotunda.  Just gorgeous!  The marble is just unbelieveable.

Below is the Senate Chamber.  We had a great visit with one of the volunteers here.  He was full of interesting information regarding Washington’s government.  I enjoyed visiting with this retired teacher about his career in education as well!

The  State Capitol Campus  is a beautiful place to explore and the Legislative Building was free to tour.  This stop is definitely worth your time!

Just at the base of the Legislative Building is Capitol Lake. This is a man-made reservoir with a nice walking trail all the way around it.  This lake area gives off a great vibe with walkers, runners, bikers, etc… enjoying the trail or picnicking.

After exploring the capitol campus we headed to the downtown area.  We stopped at a marina and walked along the boardwalk taking in the views.

The locals we were with (Eli’s family) frequent a local brewery and recommend we all go there for lunch and a beer.  This sounded great to us, so off to Fishtale Ales we went.  Lunch was fair, but the brew was better.   Eli really enjoyed a couple different brews.

Day Three: Port Angeles, WA

Here we go again!  Off we go down beautiful highway 101 to Port Angeles.  We are headed to catch the Black Ball Line MV Coho Ferry to Victoria, BC.

We left in time to catch a ride on the 12:45 p.m. ferry.  We parked our car in Port Angeles, leaving it in a Hertz lot just across the street and a block down from the Coho Ferry Terminal.  We chose the covered parking for $15 a day, there are other open-air spaces for $13 a day.  I couldn’t find a way to reserve a spot prior to our arrival so I was a little nervous about getting a spot, but it was no problem.  Keep in mind it’s early June, so that probably worked in our favor.

The Black Ball Line MV Coho Ferry departs from Port Angeles crossing the Juan De Fuca Strait 2-3 times per day and is very reasonably priced.  One-way adult walk-on passenger tickets were $18.50 for the 90 minute trip.  The ferry is huge and seems to have plenty of room for walk-on passengers. Online reservations can be made up to 12 hours prior to departure. If you plan to take your car on, the recommend you make your reservation in advance.

The ferry line wants walk on passengers at the terminal 20 minutes before sailing. You check-in quickly, show your passport, and set sail.  We thought the process was easy!

Victoria here we come!  Look at the excitement of another picture on Ethan’s pic!  I’m not sure how many times I heard, “Mom, please stop taking pictures.” I didn’t listen!! 🙂

Once on board you can find a seat inside looking out large windows or go outside and wander the walkways enjoying some fresh air. The day we sailed it was a bit windy and cold so our time spent outside was short.  However, on our trip back we enjoyed absolutely perfect weather and sat on the top deck the entire time.

The ferry also has a cafe with a small food and beverage selection and a little gift shop.

After docking, it’s time to go through customs. Get your passport out to make check-in quick and easy.  We answered a few questions and were on our way.

We arrived! Check out the beautiful view of the inner harbour and the Empress Hotel as the ferry docks!  Welcome to Victoria, BC!

We enjoyed setting sail on the Black Ball Line MV Coho Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria.  It was a great experience for us, both ways!  This affordable ferry ride was a beautiful 90 minute trip that went by pretty fast!

We spent an amazing, memory filled week in Victoria. Stay tuned for my recap of our days in Victoria and other parts of Vancouver Island!

Happy, happy Monday everyone!  Have a great week!





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