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Show and Tell Tuesday: Travel Edition 

Soccer Road Trip: Sheridan, WY

Over the weekend we traveled to Sheridan, WY for a soccer tournament.  Each year over Mother’s Day weekend we trek down to Sheridan for the Big Horn Soccer Cup sponsored by Snickers.  It is a great tournament held at the beautiful Big Horn Equestrian Center.

Sheridan is a fun town with a lot to do, but since we were there for soccer we didn’t get to explore too much.  However, we did find a couple of great places to eat.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a great breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe.


  Ethan recommends the chocolate chip pancake!

After breakfast we hit the fields, and stayed there all day.  Luckily there were food trucks available for lunch.  Check out this BBQ, yummm!

Ethan’s team played in the U15 division and play well in a few really tough games, but didn’t bring home any hardware. On Saturday evening it sprinkled during the game and there was a double rainbow, unfortunately you can’t see both rainbows in my picture!

Ethan scored on a penalty kick!

After the game we wandered around downtown and stopped at Sanford’s Grub & Pub for dinner.  We had a pretty good dinner, and enjoyed the atmosphere.  The entire place is full of fun, eclectic memorabilia.  We had fun spotting all sorts of unique items.

Sunday morning, we hit up the Cowboy Cafe again for breakfast.  Ethan needed another helping of those chocolate chip pancakes!  After breakfast we headed to Starbucks…can you say Toasted Coconut Cold Brew?  Pure deliciousness!  Not good for my clean eating plan!

Back to the fields for game 3!  The sun was shining, but it was W.I.N.D.Y.  I was bundled up, and could have used another layer!

Another tough loss, but oh how I love watching this kid!  Go #17!

After the game we hit the road for home!

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