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Show & Tell Tuesday: What’s On Your Phone

It’s Show & Tell Tuesday!  I’m linking up with Andrea to share what’s on my phone.

I used to think that I was not all that into my phone, but now I have to admit, I feel weird when it’s not with me!  Yep, that’s right, I have come to really rely on my iPhone.  It has so many helpful apps, and I am sure I have not even scratched the surface!  My phone is usually a mess ~ and I’m asking my kids to fix it for me!

Page One.  Standard iPhone Apps.  Nothing to see here folks!

I use the weather, clock and camera apps daily.

Page Two.  This page is my go-to. It is dedicated keeping me on track with and Google Calendar.  It also has all things social media.

Long ago I turned off all social media notifications because I just couldn’t stand it!  That horrible red dot was running my life!  Truly, I am not great with social media.  This is something I am working on now that I am having fun blogging.  Again, my kids help me in this area.  They helped me create a Bitmoji, which I love!

I am a huge fan of Chalene Johnson and her 30 Day Challenge!  I did her challenge for the first time a few years ago and have been using this app ever since.  I absolutely love it.  I make a list each evening and work to check things off throughout the following day!

My favorites on page two are She Reads the Truth and Holy Bible.  I love the bible studies SRTT offers and the community they foster.  I put it on the phone to keep up-to-date on my studies, but I think it works best on my iPad.  Holy Bible is an amazing app, with countless versions of the Bible.  It is a user friendly app you can use to look up any verse, read scripture or listen to via the audio feature.

Page three.  This page is dedicated to travel and fitness apps.  I track most of my fitness with my Apple Watch and if I want I can check my stats on my phone too with the Activity app.


For travel I have four helpful apps.  Of course Google Maps, but also Waze, Uber, and Yelp.  If we are driving in a big city Waze is a must!  If not Uber is!  I rely on Yelp mostly for finding places to eat when we are out of town.  I like to read the reviews and go from there.

I do use my iPhone a lot, more than I want to admit. However, I will say since I got a hand-me-down Apple Watch I look at my phone much less.  I receive texts, calls, and other alerts on my watch.  I can take a quick glance to see if I need to take action and grab my phone, but usually I don’t.  This is the best part of having an Apple Watch. I didn’t think I wanted or needed a smartwatch, I was so wrong.  I really like the fact that it has made me look at my phone less and move more!  The activity tracker is probably my favorite feature and keep me moving and motivated each and every day!

Well, that’s it.  Nothing too exciting on my phone…I’m curious to see what other bloggers have on theirs!

What’s your go-to app?  Leave your favorites in the comments!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and meet me back here tomorrow for What’s Up Wednesdays?

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  1. You’re making me want to dig out my smart watch. I might just do that. I alternate between it and the Fitbit and I’m over the Fitbit for the time being. I am loving these apps you’ve got. I need she reads truth for sure!

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