Show & Tell Tuesday

Show & Tell Tuesday: Travel


Hey There!  Today I’m linking up with Andrea to show and tell you about our family travels!

I do love to travel!  BUT…until recently I was more of a road trip kind of gal. With our crazy schedule, a long weekend was the best travel option for our family.  Now that our kids are older and not involved in as many activities we are able to go a little more and a bit farther from home.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good road trip — to me great memories can be made anywhere!

I’m going to start today with my favorite place!

I have fond memories of going to Yellowstone Park as a kid!  My grandparents and dad loved Yellowstone and bestowed their love of the park on me!  My husband and I have carried out this tradition and taken a little trip their each summer without boys.  To me summer isn’t summer unless I have been to Yellowstone!

I mean, who doesn’t love a mama black bear with three sweet cubs!

To me, the geysers and pools just never get old!  I love the hiking trails throughout the park that are family friendly!  This pic was taken a few years ago, and you just can’t beat that face!  One happy boy!

In 2013, our oldest graduated from high school and we wanted to do something special.  We decided to really splurge and to take our family to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida!

This trip is, by far, one of my most memorable!  Maybe because it was the first time we all hopped on a plane and jetted off somewhere for a vacation.  It will always be very special to me!

We were able to spend a day at each of the Disney parks, and that really was not enough time.  When can we go back?  Here we are at Magic Kingdom before the fireworks and parade.  We loved Disney, and we really felt our kids were the perfect ages to enjoy the experience and remember it too!  It really is a magical place!

We also had great accommodations, which made the trip even more fun!  This is the place we stayed at Disney, super convenient and beautiful! I think it was Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

We also went to Universal Studios!  Of course I loved the Minions!  My classroom theme is Minions, so fun!  We enjoyed Universal too!  My husband loves roller coasters, so this was the place to be!

Our youngest son (and his dad) are big Harry Potter fans, so they  loved everything Harry Potter.

I hope to go on many more adventures with those I love, BUT nothing beats a Montana traffic jam in Yellowstone Park!