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Show & Tell Tuesday: Reverse Bucket List

It’s Show & Tell Tuesday!

I’m linking up with Andrea to share some things I’ve already crossed off my bucket list.

I was challenged by this STT topic.  I don’t think I have an official bucket list.  There are definitely things that I’d like to do some day, but I’ve never actually created a true bucket list.

I came up with five things we’ve done that have made my retroactive list!


I fell in love with the theater as a little girl in a small playhouse in West Yellowstone, MT.  Our family visited Yellowstone every summer and going to the Playmill Theater was a MUST DO.

Since then, I have always wanted to see a Broadway Show in NYC!

October 2016 we were able to see a few shows and they were all ahhh-mazing!

School of Rock.  So fun!  Great show!

Wicked.  Voted THE BEST by us!

We all decided if given the chance we’d go again!

Waiting for Wicked.

Matilda.  We fell in love with the little girl who played Matilda.  She was so talented, and the entire play was so fabulous!

I love the theater even more now and have been lucky to have seen some great shows!

Broadway will forever stay on my bucket list! I’m ready to go back!


In 2013 our family was able to take a trip to Orlando, FL and spend time at both Disney World and Universal Studios.  Besides family trips to Yellowstone, this is my absolute favorite family trip.

Magic Kingdom really is magical.

Dylan, Ethan and Pooh!  Character pics were so fun!  Thankfully, Dylan humored his mom!

Universal Studios.  Harry Potter was all the rage here!


Walking on the beach with my sweet husband during a gorgeous sunset is something I never knew I’d always wanted to do!  Here we are in Seaside, OR last summer.

We enjoyed early morning walks and late night fires with s’mores on the beach, it was the best!

I love to spend time with this guy, and hope there are many more sunset walks in our future.


I can’t remember a time that I was not a Cubs fan! I had always wanted to go to Chicago, see the city and go to a Cubs game.  In August (2017) it happened – twice!

Here I am, first sighting of the famous Wrigley sign!

We were able to watch two games, Cubs vs. Nationals!


We started our family so young that I wouldn’t have known to put motherhood on my list, by it is my greatest bucket list item.  I have been chosen to be the mom of two amazing sons and raising them is the best item any mama could cross off her list.  But…I don’t think it will ever get crossed off!

I love these boys, and can’t believe how fast they have grown into amazing young men.

 Dylan is a passionate, thoughtful, hard-working senior in college!

I sure miss cheering him on, but am so proud of where he is now!

Ethan is a kind, quiet, honest, sophomore in high school!

I’m not sure how our baby is 15 and transforming into an amazing young man.

Yep, raising these two…a bucket list item now and forever!


What does your reverse bucket list look like?  I’d love to hear from you so I add some great ideas to my future list!  We are always wanting to find new, fun adventure and travel recommendations.



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