Show & Tell Tuesday

Show & Tell Tuesday: Home Tour

Hey, hey it’s Tuesday and I’m linking up with Andrea to show and tell you about our home!

We built our home on a small lot, in a small subdivision, in our small town in 2010.  We built the house with the goal of keeping it low maintenance, both inside and out!  There are a lot of things we learned through the building process, and if we ever have the chance to build again I know we would come up with our dream home.

Welcome to our home!  We enjoy our sweet little home!  We think it’s comfy, happy, loud, hectic, messy, and full of love.

Come on in!  Don’t worry about the Tabby on the front steps, he’s a lover not a fighter.  Bubba is our door man a.k.a. welcoming committee!  He’s a curious cat and always wants to know what’s up!

 I love my little yard.  It  only takes about 30 minutes total to weed-eat and mow.  It took a few years, but eventually we were able to add a privacy fence and now our back yard is super a private.  I love this!  I can sit out our patio and enjoy a cup of coffee, soak in the hot tub, or take a nap and it feels private, almost cozy!

We have a small entry where pictures of our boys greet everyone!  I love these handsome fellas!  If I ever have a do-over, I will have a little more space in the entry way.

We enjoy having an open floor plan.  It creates a cozy living, eating and kitchen area. We have found it also works well for entertaining.  Here, I snapped a pic of my favorite spot to sit in the quiet of the morning before everyone else is up and at ’em.

Right off the living room is an eating area and coffee bar.

And here’s the kitchen.  The hub of our home, where most of the action is.  Eli and I enjoy cooking together, so a kitchen with a bit more counter space would be great.  However, it’s has a pretty efficient set up and a user friendly kitchen.

Our bedroom is also on the main floor.  Look at all of the decorating I have done!  Heeheehee!  I have been putting this off for seven years now!  How embarrassing!  It definitely needs to get done!  I have a vision, but haven’t made a plan to execute it yet.  Stay tuned!

We have created a basic workout room in a bedroom upstairs.  This room needs to get used more!! Click here to see why, and check out my journey!  Again, look at those empty walls.  This room needs a little love too!

Heading downstairs I have my favorite sign hanging!  I love this phrase, “Find Joy In Your Journey.”  I mean, really…do it! Find that joy! 🙂


Downstairs is our boys’ domain!  This is the family room.  It is a great space for movie watching, video game playing, and just plain hanging out!

We enjoy our home and are so grateful for all that we have.  This home is certainly a blessing to our family.  You can see our home is pretty simple, and that is intentional.  Over the years, I have become more and more of a minimalist.  Really, if truth be told, it’s my husband, Eli, that leads the minimalist life.  Over the years I have slowly and reluctantly learned his ways!  The past couple of years you might even say I have embraced them!

This book was a game changer for me!  If you want to simplify…! The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. In the book Marie Kondo tells you to ask yourself if your possessions “spark joy.”  Wow!  I just love that idea!  So, during the last year I have gone through our entire home enlisting Kondo’s advice!  The bottom line, we simplified our belongings and now our home truly sparks joy in us and we love it here!

Thanks for stoppin’ by and taking a tour of our home.  Stop by tomorrow, when I link up with  Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for my first What’s Up Wednesday!

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