Game Plan of the Week

Game Plan of the Week #2

Week Two

How was your week?  Mine was a bit rocky, but I did have some successes.  I am focusing on the good parts and setting my sites on progress!


I will continue to focus on changing my diet, focusing on eating clean!  This past week was pretty good, but I have a long way to go.  TMI warning!! The best benefit I have noticed is my stomach!  I had been having a lot of yucky stomach issues throughout the last month or so, probably diet induced!  After making the committment to eat real food this week I have felt so much better!  I love it! This feeling alone motivates me to look forward and continue to learn about and eat a healthy diet.

This week I will continue eating real food!  Second, I need to drink MORE water!  I will be working to meet the water goal each day.  I read somewhere once you should drink half your body weight in water, so that is my mission!

Workout Plan

My workouts were my biggest frustration!  First, I am so out of shape!  I am so SORE!  My soreness did limit my morning workouts, sometimes I wasn’t even able to complete the full 30 minutes.  I was discouraged by this, but need to keep going.

I am taking small steps, and tracking each day after I have completed my workout. I am seven days in, and have 14 to go to complete the 21 Day Fix videos.

I cleaned up our workout room!  It’s a work in progress!  I want to make it a room full of motivation that I love to be in!  I found the mats at a garage sale, score!  They are a fun color and, for me, they are easier to exercise on compared to the carpet.

This week lends itself to be a challenge for my workout schedule!  It is the LAST week of school, so I will be feeling a little crazy and overwhelmed I’m sure.  Oh well, the workout goal is the same as week one: exercise video in the morning and walking in the evening!

Here’s to a great week!  I hope you join me on this week’s journey!