Game Plan of the Week

Game Plan of the Week #5

Game Plan of the Week: Week 5

Week 4 was a rough one for me as far as sticking to my game plan.  I don’t have any really good excuses, besides the fact that I struggle finding balance.  Two things really threw me off: 1.  I had two full-day professional development classes during week 4.  They were great classes, but they filled my schedule and threw me off my workout plan.  2.  My sweet 90-year-old grandma was taken to the hospital, released and then taken back.  She was very sick and I was happy to spend the majority of my free time with her.  Again, this took me away from my evening workout plan.


I continue to work on my diet, pushing forward with healthy meal choices even when I don’t want to!  This week I have had a lot of turkey sausage, eggs, protein shakes, meat and greens.  I am a little nervous to be heading out of town for a few days!  Eating out is not my strong suit!  I am really notice and have enlisted my 15-year-old to police my food choices!  Wish me luck!  Any travel eating tips are welcome, please post in the comments!  Thank you!

Home Chef for the win again this week!

Workout Plan

My week started off great, and then like I said I struggled to find balance in the workout department.  I missed one morning workout sessions with my tribe, and only got in three evening sessions.  And…as we hit the road this week for a little family vacay I am nervous I will struggle maintaining my current fitness level!  I am finally at a point where I can workout and not get uncomfortably sore!  This is big!  Another milestone is that I am able to run two miles without stopping.  I do not want to lose this progress.  I have checked into a gym near we are staying and hope to keep my running on point.  Again, wish me luck.

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Let’s conquer our goals!  If you didn’t have a chance check out my Friday Favorites.  I am continuing to work through the 30-Day Challenge by Chalene Johnson – also linked in Friday Favorites!  Love the challenge and what it forces me to focus on!

Let’s do this!