Game Plan of the Week

Game Plan of the Week #3

Week Three

Well, I didn’t have a successful week two!  I was overwhelmed with the last week of school and wrapping up the year with my 5th graders, so my game plan quickly changed into plan B! How was your week?


I am so ready for summer and a fresh start for my diet!  Tomorrow I will be meal planning and prepping for the week!   I hope to develop a weekly routine that will soon come naturally and lead to a healthy diet!

This is what happens when I don’t plan ahead!  We had soccer all weekend, and there were food trucks galore!  Yummm…chicken quesadilla! I did enjoy, but wish I would have been prepared with healthy snacks for the field!

 AGAIN, this week I need to focus on drinking MORE water!  I will be working to meet the water goal each day.  This was an epic fail for me this week, so no where to go but up!  What do you do make sure you’re drinking enough water?

 Workout Plan

I’m still working out with the 21 Day Fix videos!  I do like the quick/challenging workout they give me in the mornings.  Since I am lucky enough to be starting summer break this week I will also have more time to get outside and exercise.  We have a great outdoor track that is free to use, so I plan to take advantage of it a few mornings a week!  The bleachers are a killer, but oh so good!

I do love to walk.  Ethan’s team played a lot of soccer this weekend, I mean a lot!  The tournament was held at a huge park with 12 fields, so in between games I walked.  Today my Apple Watch said I walked almost 4 miles!

Have a great week!  Here’s to sticking to the plan this week!