Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 06.02.2017

What a great week!  I L.O.V.E. summer!  The weather in MT has been absolutely beautiful and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it!  So, much so that this week has just flown by and it’s time to link up with Andrea, Erika and Narci to share a few of my favorites!

I am blessed to have a career that has a nice long break during the summer!  I love to teach, but I also need time during the summer to recharge and plan for the next class of 5th graders to arrive!

I just have to share my favorite last day of school activity!  This was sooo fun!  The kids loved it, and so did I!  This relay race consisted of garbage sacks, goggles, shaving cream, and cheese puffs!  W.O.W. you can’t believe the volunteers we had to get dressed up and creamed!

Once they were prepped, the race was on!  Students threw cheese puffs at the volunteers and tried to get them to stick on, the team with the most cheese puffs attached at the end was the winner!

Sadly, the team I was working with got beat — badly, but had a lot of fun!

Last weekend was the Montana State Cup Soccer Tournament!  Ethan’s U15 team did an amazing job!  Watching him play soccer is definitely one of my absolute favorite things to do!

Ethan plays striker most of the time.  Can you spot the white jersey behind #30?  That’s Ethan on a breakaway in the first minute of one game!

GOOOAAAAL…he scored!  Yay!

We ended up tied, point-for-point, at the end of regular tournament play and had to go into a shoot out!  Intense!  Both teams were fun to watch, and in the end the other team came out on top 3-2.  Shoot outs are so stressful, mostly for the parents…right?!?  Here’s Ethan getting set up.

He did make his goal, but I was too nervous to take pictures!

Summer is here, and the weather has been just beautiful!  One of my favorites this week was working in the yard, planting flowers, and gardening!

A few years ago we put in a 4×8 raised garden for square foot gardening.  I love it!  It is just enough for a little hobby garden with a lot of produce to harvest!  First, I cleaned it all up, added some fresh soil and then planted.  I think I may need to plant more veggies, we’ll see.

My peonies are so beautiful this year!  I transplanted them from my grandma’s yard years ago and then again when we moved to our current house. They are still just as beautiful as ever!  When they are in bloom I just can help to smile and think of my sweet grandma!


My health and fitness journey continues to move forward.  My favorite this week in this area is clean eating and outdoor workouts!  Check out my Game Plan of the Week here.

My diet is improving every day!  I am focused on eating healthy and changing my diet for the long term!  It is not easy for me!  I found Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links at Costco and they are surprisingly good!  They are fully cooked, so they heat up quickly with a couple of fried eggs topped with a dash or two of Tapatio hot sauce.

And, breakfast is not complete without my cup o’ joe.

I can’t live without my morning cup of deliciousness!  I am hooked on this Marley Coffee.   I think I’m drawn to it because of it’s fun name: Get Up, Stand Up!   Check it out here.

I am so happy to be outside working out!  I am meeting up with a couple of friends in the mornings to walk/jog, and exercise.  Meeting friends helps to keep me accountable and push me when I want to stop, give up and lay down!  We have been walking/jogging about three miles and then conquering the bleachers!  It is soooo hard!  I am soooo sore!  It is sooo worth it!

Join me on my health and fitness journey!

Twenty-one years, yep that’s right!  On Wednesday Eli and I celebrated 21 years of marriage!  He and I have literally grown up together…and now we’re growing old together!  I am honored to be his wife and love him more today than I did 21 years ago. Life is good when you marry your best friend and choose to do this thing called life together!  I am so glad God placed us in each other’s care.

Here we are … 1996 and 2017!


Well, those are my favorites!  Overall, a pretty mellow first week of summer…and I enjoyed every moment of it!  Have a wonderful Friday!

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