Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 08.18.17

Wow! It’s already Friday and I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika, Narci, to share some of my favorites from my last official week of summer!

I can’t believe my baby is going to be a sophomore!  How did that happen?

Ethan’s second high school soccer season in is full swing with games right around the corner.

We absolutely love our soccer family, and look forward to spending soccer with this great group of parents!

To kick off the season the coach invites all of the players’ families to watch the boys scrimmage and enjoy a BBQ after!  Go Locomotives!

Cheering Ethan and his teammates on is certainly a favorite of mine!

On Saturday the ladies I’ve been working out with this summer got together to run at an event nearby.  I was coming off vacation and definitely NOT in running shape, so a friend walked with me.  I loved the time visiting and just enjoying time with my sweet friend.  Our team even won a prize!  We were not the fastest team, but the largest!  Yay!  I wish I would have snapped a pic of all of us!

Check out that copper cup for the largest friend/family team!  Yay team #NSA!

After the run we enjoyed the Farmer’s Market and breakfast.  It was my favorite kind of day!

My garden has been neglected a bit this summer, and even so has done pretty well!  Watching it grow and produce throughout the summer is a favorite.

Here it is in June.

And here it is now!  Beans, peppers, and zucchini oh my!  Tomatoes not so much! I think they need a little extra love, so maybe they will take off now that I’ve feed them.  There are also a lot of mini pumpkins coming on and can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Eli and I headed to Denver this week with our oldest son for a quick roadtrip.  I hadn’t been to Denver in years, so it was nice to be back.

Monday night we went to a Rockies game and this Cubs fan a blast!

The coolest part was the return of pitcher, Chad Bettis.  Bettis made his first start of the season after recovering from a testicular cancer diagnosis.   His teammates welcomed him on the field and he pitched a fantastic game.

The Rockies played really well and beat the Braves 3-0.

The reason we went to Denver was to see Ed Sheeran in concert, and I’m so glad we did.

James Blunt opened for him and did an amazing job warming up the crowd.  He’s was funny, engaging has such a distinctive voice.

Hearing him sing “You’re Beautiful” was my favorite.

Ed Sheeran was amazing.  He’s a musical genius.  They way he builds the song so effortlessly and entertains is just unreal.  We. loved. every. moment.

I think “Photograph” was my favorite, but the whole concert was amazing!

After the concert we headed to Larimer Square for a bite to eat.

This quick trip was a great way to finish up an amazing summer!

Dear summer, it’s not you…it’s me. I am so sad we have to break up, but here’s hoping we find our way back to each other next year!  I’ll never forget the wonderful times we had together!

I hope everyone had a great week. I know some parts of the country are already back in school.  If that’s you and/or your kids I hope the first week was a success!

 I am ready to get back to school and back into a routine, so I am looking forward to next week!

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  1. What a fun trip to Denver. What a great way to end summer. I head back next week and the kids come the following. Have a great weekend!

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