Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 07.28.17

It’s Friday and time to recap the week and  link up with Andrea, Erika, Narci, Christina and April to share some of my favorites!

To beat the heat I’ve been up early to enjoy our cool mornings outside and spending many hot afternoons inside working on various home or school projects.  To pass the time I’ve been taking advantage of Amazon Prime movies.  I watched a couple that I recommend if you’re looking for a good chick flick…chick flicks are my favorite! 🙂

I Miss You Already (PG13) – I picked this film solely because Drew Barrymore was it in and I like her.  I thought the story was pretty good, probably not award winning, but a good movie with a theme of friendship.

The Choice (PG13) – I picked The Choice because it was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.  I love a good Nicholas Sparks novel and/or movie.  The Choice did not disappoint, a sweet love story for sure.

I love rainbows!  One evening we had a light rain, followed by a beautiful double rainbow.  I didn’t snap a pic soon enough, but it is still just beautiful.

Cool summer evenings surrounded by those I love are for sure an absolute my favorite!

Watching my youngest grow up is both a favorite and not so favorite for me!  I love seeing the young man he is becoming, but I sure miss him being little.

I can’t believe my boys are 21 and 15… how did that happen?  Two signs of him growing up are 1. getting his checking/debit account set up (yay for summer jobs)  and 2. becoming a licensed driver (end of August).  Both are steps in the right direction, but also reminders that he is gaining more and more independence each day!

He is still 15, and a little stinker…especially when I want a pic at the bank to commemorate the moment!

 Ahhh, mom you are so annoying! Yes, yes I am! 🙂

He’s working on his driving hours for his “real” license!  It won’t be long and he won’t even need me to taxi him around town.  Yay…and…Nay!

I mentioned this in What’s Up Wednesday earlier this week, check it out here.

If you have been reading for the shot time I have been blogging Jen on a Journey you know we love to travel, so heading out of town this week on vacation is certainly a favorite!

I love to fly…but I’m not so sure about getting to the airport at 4:30 a.m.

Let’s board this plane so I can go back to sleep!

We made it to Minneapolis!  Waiting for our connection.

Almost there.  I love looking out the window and seeing our destination below.  It makes the anticipation and excitement of  planning the trip become a reality. Yay, we made it!

Hello Florida!

My hands down favorite this week is getting out of town for a little rest and relaxation.

If you need me I’ll be on the beach…

I hope your week was wonderful!  Here’s to July ~ it was a fast, furious and fun month!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 07.28.17

  1. Enjoy the beach and vacation! I love that it has started to “cool” in the 60’s and 50’s here in the mornings. I can’t wait for our evenings to start cooling down as well. Have a great weekend and a great trip!

  2. I love to read Nicholas Sparks books but it’s hard for me to watch the movies – I get so emotional!! Haha. And we had the most perfect rainbow this week too. I was driving or I would have gotten a picture! Enjoy the beach! That sounds so wonderful!

  3. Have the best time! That’s a great last vacay before school starts! I have to look into the Drew Barrymore movie- I like Toni Collette so it’s definitely one I want to see. Safe travels!

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