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Florida Vacation Part 1

We are packed up and ready to head out on an early morning flight for Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Lookin’ a bit tired here…

After a quick layover in Minneapolis we landed in Ft. Lauderdale, grabbed an Uber and headed to Hollywood, FL.  Oh my goodness, the humidity!

Luckily, we stayed at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort on the Atlantic and were able to stay cool in the pool and on the beach.  We enjoyed our stay here and would go back, but not during the heat of summer.  It was just too humid for us Montanans.

After a quick bite to eat, we headed into Miami to kick off El Clasico week and watch Paris Saint-Germain vs. Juventus in an International Champions Cup match.

It was fun to just soak in the atmosphere and be around so many die hard soccer fans.  We explored the stadium, shopped, grabbed a snack and then watched warm-ups.

CeeLo Green sang the National Anthem.  I’m not a huge CeeLo fan, but he did a really great job!

It was a great game with an energetic crowd of 44,444 cheering soccer fans.

Juventus came out the winner 3-2.


At half-time they rolled out this three-part stage.  The bummer was it faced the opposite direction from where we were seated and they didn’t show Flo Rida’s performance on the big screens.

He sounded great and it was fun all the same!

So this is all we could see. 🙂

The next day Kith was having an El Clasico T-shirt release in South Beach.  This meant nothing to me, but the guys were all over it.  Here is the line they waited in while I…

went down the street to Nativ Made and enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee and bran muffin.

South Beach was simply beautiful…

but I wanted to lounge on the beach by our resort.

So, back to Hollywood Beach we went!

Hollywood Beach is just lovely.  We loved the area and how family-friendly it was.

We literally spent all day. every day. on the beach and boardwalk.

Here’s our no fail routine…

First: Enjoy the sunrise.

Warning – picture overload, but I just had to share these beautiful morning views.

Second: Grab a spot on the beach!

Third: Swim & Relax. Ethan’s beach break = phone withdrawals!

Fourth: Hit the boardwalk for lunch.

The Hollywood Beach Boardwalk is 2.5 miles long and offers a variety of restaurants, shops, and ice cream shops.

We found the BEST spot for shrimp tacos and never looked back!  Seriously, we didn’t.  We ate here four days in a row.  Soooo good!

The Taco Spot, a little hole in the wall place! Our favorite!

Here’s the view, not too shabby!

Seriously, the BEST shrimp tacos I have ever had!

And their drinks. So cool, we sat and watched the guy cutting coconuts open in amazement.

But, we went for the traditional margarita.  Delish!

Ethan took full advantage of the ice cream shops along the boardwalk!

It was no surprise! He especially liked Haagen Dazs, I bet they miss him! 🙂

Fifth: Return to the beach for a bit…

and listen to the music.

Every evening we were there the Margaritaville Stage had good live music.

We really enjoyed our time in Southern Florida, but the humidity was really uncomfortable.  For this reason I am so thankful we stayed close to the water!  Playing in the ocean and taking in the ocean breezes made dealing with the humidity easy!


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  1. Love this and all the great photos! We totally fall in the same trap of finding a place we love to eat and eating there non stop!

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