Eating & Exercise Plan

Eating & Exercise Plan (Week 2.4)

With our state teacher’s convention this week and a four day weekend I thought I’d really kill it in the eating & exercising department, W.R.O.N.G!  It just wasn’t in the cards, instead it was a week of maintenance.  I stepped on the scale today…no change, and I am happy about that!

Here’s my dinner menu for the week.

Monday:Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.  I’ll be using my yummy garden marinara, and making a good portion so we have leftovers to take to lunch.

Tuesday: Blackened Fish Tacos with Avocado-Cilantro Sauce Recipe Here

Wednesday: White Bean Chicken Chili Recipe Here We love soups, especially crockpot soups,

when the weather starts to cool off a bit.  This is a great recipe and will make leftovers for lunches for a couple of days! Win, win!

Thursday: End of Season Soccer Banquet!  No cooking for me!

Friday: Date Night!

Saturday: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Recipe Here

Sunday: Fajita leftovers from Saturday!

I am sticking with the same basic workout schedule this week.  Try to get in three week day morning sessions and continue the 30 Day Challenge.

Monday: AM: Go to work early! PM: 30 Day Challenge

Tuesday: AM:Total Body Cardio Fix PM: 30 Day Challenge

Wednesday: AM: Upper Fix  PM: 30 Day Challenge

Thursday: AM: Go to work early!  PM: 30 Day Challenge

Friday:  AM: Yoga Fix  PM: 30 Day Challenge

Saturday: AM: Lower Fix PM: 30 Day Challenge

Sunday: AM: Pilates Fix  PM: 30 Day Challenge

More videos from The 21 Day Fix this week — I’m ready for a change.  I will keep working away at this 30 Day Guns, Buns, and Ab Challenge!  I’m a few days behind, so I may have to double up a day or too!

Question for you…

1. What at home workout videos to you like? Please share your suggestions in the comments.:)

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